As a celebrated, award-winning brand in Russia, the Riki series of animation brings you more than 60 hours of high-quality content, with an amazing 468 episodes to date. In addition to winning more than 100 awards, the Riki Universe has 100 licensees, 40 product categories and over 6,000 peripheral products, as well as a website with more than 12 million users.

In recent years, the Riki brand has been welcomed into the Chinese market, where its excellent cartoons have received widespread praise:

●  2013: KikoRiki named top viewer’s choice by CCTV Children for “Animation Screening – Excellent Imported Animation”

●  2015: KikoRiki wins the Chinese Animation Industry’s Top 10 Overseas Brands Award

●  2017: PinCode launches on the CCTV Children channel, achieving very high viewing figures

●  June 2017: BabyRiki officially launches in China

●  July 8, 2017: BabyRiki broadcasts on 6 major digital platforms

●  August 8, 2017: BabyRiki surpasses 100 million views

●  September 12, 2017: Chinese and Russia “ Krash and Hehe ” officially launches

●  October 26, 2017: BabyRiki airs on CCTV

●  Janurary 2018: Guangzhou office grand opening

●  May 2018: BabyRiki surpasses 450 million views

As the copyright owner of the Riki animation series and headquartered in Hong Kong, the visionary FUN Union company is focused on the development of early parenting companionship content as well as the operating management of high-quality animation IPs. FUN Union is now bringing its parenting expertise to the Chinese market, benefitting many more families with its scientific parenting knowledge, advanced educational concepts, and fun and varied enrichment methods to allow many more children to achieve a fuller development in the digital era.

Enquiries about commercial collaborations involving distribution of animation, IP authorization, development production, peripheral products and content sharing, etc., should contact:

Beijing Branch Office: 010-5989 2298

Guangzhou Branch Office : 020-8963 7809

Hong Kong Headquarters: +852 2239 5312