We use our passion, professionalism and creativity to create a world filled with love and vitality.

Riki world is a fun and energetic world. Children can develop life skills while they explore, learn, and enjoy all that the Riki Universe has to offer. Our animations stimulate child's curiosity, and develop their investigation, communication, and artistic skills.

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From BabyRiki to KikoRiki to PinCode, we use our passion, professionalism and creativity to create content which "loved by kids and trusted by parents".

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One of the top animation brands in Russia, the Riki Universe has won more than 100 awards. With more than 500 episodes already produced, it currently offers over 68 hours of quality animated content. The Riki Universe also includes websites and mobile apps with more than 12 million users, 100 licensees, 40 product categories and more than 6,000 peripheral products.

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