BabyRiki hits 1 billion views


In just over a year since its arrival on mainland China, educational children’s cartoon BabyRiki has already accumulated 1 billion views. With its cute relatable heroes, fun animated content, inspiring storylines and funny songs, BabyRiki has won over countless families and children in a very short time.

Parents shared their love for the show, which airs on CCTV Kids Channel in mainland China, by leaving messages at BabyRiki’s official WeChat account: Rui Qi Le Xue Yuan.

One post, from user A Jingjing said, “This excellent cartoon is just about perfect. I hope BabyRiki will be around for babies to enjoy for many more years!”

“Although each episode is only five minutes long, they manage to teach my kid skills that he failed to pick up before,” wrote user Xiaolei. “I really admire the writers!”

“My child and I both love watching BabyRiki,” said follower Xiaoqiu. “It is a good source of education and a good way for kids to learn etiquette. I highly recommend it.”

With such a dedicated fan base already spreading the word across China about BabyRiki’s high-quality animated content, the market there – and in the rest of the world – is growing hungry for more thoughtful programming from the Riki Universe.