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Sing with me

The Riki Universe is filled with wonderful songs that babies love to sing. They are catchy, easy to understand, easy to remember, and super popular with little ones. Our songs are carefully created to help the development of young brains to improve children’s intelligence. They also let children express emotions, cultivate language skills and build confidence.

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Play with me: Puzzle

Smart babies love BabyRiki Puzzle. Each puzzle requires the child to question assumptions, and make judgments and decisions. As the children play, they exercise their ability to interpret new things and focus on doing things. They happily play for hours, developing their logical thinking, observation and analysis skills. And when you play with them it helps teach them the spirit of cooperation.

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Play with me: Puzzle

How a child’s intelligence develops plays a key role in their future learning and growth. That’s why we’ve integrated important early childhood education concepts such as logical ability, sense of direction and reasoning into Fun Maze. As your child reaches new levels of understanding, the game becomes more difficult, encouraging them to grow and explore.

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