Sharing the magic of the Riki Universe with families

From BabyRiki to KikoRiki to PinCode, we use our passion, professionalism and creativity to create a world filled with love and vitality. Children can develop life skills while they explore, learn, and enjoy all that the Riki Universe has to offer. Our products stimulate your child’s curiosity, and develop their investigation, communication, and artistic skills.


All the BabyRiki stories are simple and realistic, set in the familiar environment of the bedroom, study room or playground. They are based on the familiar games, the behaviour, even the food, that your children know and love. Important life skills about emotions, socializing, exercise and arts are carefully woven into the various plots, inspiring preschool children to explore their worlds.


The most popular KikoRiki takes place in a realistic environment. In this vibrant world, the cast of BabyRiki are growing up fast! They’ve made new friends and found new interests, from science to poetry, from DIY and invention to fashion and exercise, and from vacation and adventure to herbal medicine and cooking. Children can explore their own interests through these enchanting cartoons, where they’ll learn about friendship, peace, hospitality, humor and respect.


One of the most popular cartoons to come out of Russia, PinCode focuses on scientific exploration. Following Captain Pin and his crew in his unique exploration vehicle, Umflier, kids will be immersed in an adventure that expands their scientific knowledge as it explores the worlds of physics and chemistry, with ingenious scientific storylines and elegant, creative settings. Come aboard to discover the foundations of science with Captain Pin!

A high-quality parenting companion solution for families

A high-quality product that brings parents and children together.

We are proud to spread the Riki Universe of love and fun learning on the internet and social media. Our mission is to build an interactive playground that is safe, violence-free and suitable for all age groups, to help kids grow and develop. We also offer plenty of high-quality parenting solutions for busy parents.

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We are committed to delivering high-quality parenting inspiration. From tips on communicating with your kids to creativity in the kitchen and taking time out for yourself, we are an essential part of your parenting journey.